Why you should become a member OF the studio?

Creative businesses can be lonely, and expensive. We get it. When Amanda first had the idea of a studio space, she knew she wanted other photographers to use the space. 

"When I first had a studio I often wanted to share it with other creatives, but with my name on the door, it really held others back. I love that Parlor Studios is a space where you can come with your camera, and a client, and just create without feeling like you are borrowing my space!"

Members pay a monthly fee under a 6 month contract and in return have unlimited rental hours for shooting or creating. The members are also part of a private Facebook Group where we ask questions and have too many inside jokes. 

Paying members never have to share the space at the same time with another renter and are given the first dibs on mini session sets. They also have a voice in prop needs and requests.

Lastly, cleaning the studio, keeping up on utilities and wifi maintenance, these things are covered by the owner of the space, not the members. Each member has a code that allows them to access the rental calendar and to enter the building via a digital lock. 

We want you to feel like you can create here, meet your clients and just create.   

 Become a member using this link and enjoy unlimited monthly rentals.

Current + Past Members:
Burman Photography
Kim Kaye Photography
Lauren Nicol Photography
DE Media Designs 
Louise Photography