Why you should have your next branding shoot at Parlor Studios

If you are a brand looking for a place to host your next shoot, or you are a photographer searching for a place that would offer multiple backdrops for your upcoming session, check out Parlor Studios.

Owner and Parlor Studios founder, Amanda Burman shared a bit about branding sessions and how they differ from headshots on her blog, check that out here. 

Branding sessions are meant to highlight a business, or product and person behind the ideas of said business or product. 

Parlor Studios offers multiple props, chairs, papers, and backdrops for your to help set your brand apart from the rest. 

Here are some examples of shoots in the studio using both natural and strobe lights.

Stephanie Hiday - Magical Vacation Planner

Darien McCullough - DE Media Designs 

Mandy Scott - Luna & Jade

Use the studio to help capture your next branding session, we can't wait to see what you create in this rentable Indiana Photography Studio.

Book your time in the studio here, or become a member using this link and enjoy unlimited monthly rentals.