This space was built for photographers. Gone are the days, and seasons, of being frustrated looking for a space to shoot. Enjoy the freedom of having your own studio without the headaches. See what Parlor Studios has to offer your creative business:

The Studio

Natural Light

The studio is 1600 square feet with high original ceilings. The front window faces north for consistent lighting in the front of the studio space. There are sheer curtains for privacy and preferred lighting situations.

Studio Lighting

Because natural light is frustrating at times, the studio also provides constant lights, great for a newer photographer or videographer, and a an Einstein + 64 inch White PLM umbrella. These can move around the studio and are simple to learn. 


Enjoy tables, chairs, and a lounge area furniture for your clients to relax or for you to have meetings. These items can also be used in sessions as props. These spaces are great for hosting classes or small group meetings.


The studio has numerous chair options. These chairs are perfect to use as props and for portraits. Our goal is to have options for all types of images or branding. Please place chairs back where you found them.


We like props and we cannot lie. The studio will house numerous props for flatlays, posing young children, cake stands, blankets, pillows, wooden toys, seasonal decor, and pottery for food photography.

Seamless Paper + Canvas Backdrops

We will have Bone, White, and Gray year round and will bring in fun seasonal colors available to all renters. This is included in the cost but we ask you to be frugal with cutting. There will also be a handful of one of a kind painted canvas backdrops to use! 

Rolling Wall

This 8 foot moving wall is perfect for creating new spaces, reflecting light, and will always have one painted white side, and a festive painted side. 

Now that you see what the studio has to offer, maybe
it is time to see the cost. 

Parlor Studios serves photographers and creatives.

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